We Help you Live Empowered
Despite Circumstance So You...



Even when life punches you in the face.



Regardless of what car
you drive.


Align with
your intentions

Even when tempted by chocolate cake.



”The basic concepts are sound and when followed, leads a person on the path of higher awareness, deeper self discovery, and empowerment despite circumstances.”

- Mindy W.

”Version2 made me more aware of my emotions. Ever since Version2, I've been able to recognize my triggers and stop those emotions without much effort.”

- Karina H.

”Five stars. The videos were really well done and seemed very authentic. I felt real passion and personality coming through.”

- Peter R.

”I'm more aware of how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking and therefore feel more in control of my daily life by consciously choosing what I focus on.”

- M. D.

”I love the program and am learning so much about myself and the power I have to change things for the better. I call it my Enlightenment 101!”

- A. N.


Version2 isn’t your standard personal development system. It helps you rewire limiting behaviors and beliefs so you can enjoy sustained empowerment and become an unstoppable change-maker.

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Watch video modules to learn the core concepts and be inspired into action. If video isn’t your thing, download the training modules as an audio file, written transcript, or click through the presentation slides at your leisure.


By signing up for the Version2 training you’ll be invited into our private Facebook group, have access to our support team, and can share your challenges and progress with other members. You’ll also be informed of live meet-ups where you can meet like-minded change-makers and dive deeper into your transformation.


Let’s face it—knowing what to do is easier than doing it. That’s why each training module includes easy-to-follow activities to help you integrate the Version2 methodology into your life. 

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Creation Story

v2 was founded by software visionary Sanjiv Sidhu who built i2 Technologies to lead a revolution in supply chain management and become the software of choice for more than 80% of the world’s steel companies as well as Global 1,000 organizations like 3M, Samsung
and Nokia.

Since selling i2 Technologies in 2010, Sanjiv has been seeking a large scale solution to the worlds growing environmental crisis.

After much deliberation, Sanjiv decided the best way to create a sustained change in how we treat the planet was by shifting human behavior from...

v1 thinking
me-centric, get more, consume more, joy is in the destination.


v2 thinking
we-centric, give more, consume less, joy is in the journey.

By helping people build greater awareness and empathy, Sanjiv’s vision is to not only help people become more environmentally conscious consumers, but also become empowered change agents who create a better world for all.


We understand that you may have some questions before you launch your version2 campaign, so click away to find your answers.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any additional questions or comments.

So what is v2?

v2 is the second version of the human endeavor: to separate our emotions from our circumstances. If your emotions were attached to the weather, you can bet you'd be working to fix it! Since most circumstances change as often as the weather, why let them guide how you feel?

We like to think of v2 as a movement, a community of people ready to "be the change." We're building a methodology, supported by app technology, to guide your transformation and a community to support you on your journey.

Version2 combines change management techniques from organizational and cognitive psychology with positive psychology (often referred to as "the science of happiness") to help you reach a sustained sense of fulfillment.

Unlike relying on willpower or inspiration to create change, our methodology helps you rewire the beliefs and behaviors that are disempowering you so you can live in alignment with your intentions - even when motivation and willpower expire.

I've tried other methods, what makes yours different?

If you've tried other methods, you can probably relate to some of the following statements:

  • You wanted to lose weight but you ate the chocolate cake anyway.
  • You read the best books on living "in the now", yet you still ruminate about the future or past.
  • You strived to live in a Zen state, but realized achievement is also fulfilling.
  • You were inspired and motivated, but that feeling quickly expired.
  • You wanted to "be the change" but experienced constant stress as you ran your charity.
  • You thought you'd be happy when you got a new job, car, house, (fill in the blank), but that feeling of happiness didn't last.

The reason other programs often don't work is because:

  1. They focus on improving your circumstances, which is an unsustainable way to feel fulfilled.
  2. They rely on your willpower and motivation to create change, which is also unsustainable.

The v2 trainings help you live empowered despite circumstance - a sustained state of fulfillment and an ability to remain resilient when times get tough. We also focus on creating transformation through rewiring disempowering beliefs and behaviors and are building gamification features into our technology to help keep you engaged. What this means is you can rely less on willpower to achieve the results you're craving.

How does it work?

Imagine an app as engaging and viral as Farmville, but rather than growing carrots you grow awareness, clarity, focus and empathy. Where playing helps you rewire the beliefs and behaviors that are disempowering you, and as a result you become empowered despite circumstance - relying less on external circumstances and stuff to feel good because your source of joy comes from within.

Shifting from feeling disempowered, anxious, or angry to a sustained state of empowerment, joy, and abundance is easier said than done. Historically it has required committed one-on-one support which takes willpower, time and money. Thanks to smart phones and gamified apps, it's now possible to have a "coach" in your pocket that makes transformation more engaging, fun and scalable. This is how v2 works.

We believe gamified mobile apps offer an incredible opportunity to create global transformation, especially when combined with a supportive community that creates opportunity for human-to-human interaction.

We're still getting started and have a big vision to turn into reality. In the short term, expect to gain access to simple apps that help you build awareness and shift from feeling disempowered to empowered. As more trainings are added, you will begin to progress through our trainings like a game (way more fun) and be able to engage with the growing v2 community for added support.

What problems are you trying to solve?

  • A lot of people regularly feel angst due to unhelpful thoughts, needs and behaviors.
  • A lot of people have a great plan, but when life punches them in the face they are thrown off course and struggle to get back on their path.
  • A lot of people set goals and achieve them but are lacking true fulfillment. They are unaware that their attachment to circumstance is holding them back from a deeper level of fulfillment.
  • The planet isn't sustainable with people consuming as much as they currently do. A lot of human potential is also underutilized due to sustained states of angst and a lack of mission in their life. People who are focused on v2 living consume less, love more and are more likely to make major contributions to the world. Better people = better planet.

Are these methods scientifically proven?

We'd love to say everything we publish goes through a rigorous double-blind, peer reviewed, and bias-free testing process. Although no animals are harmed in the process, we are still learning the art and science of effectively testing our methodology. Wherever possible we base our methods on empirical research and we're working towards empirical testingof our programs as a whole. For example, we've drawn on well studied sectors of psychology, like cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT), and have also drawn from studies on specific techniques like journaling, finding a specific type of daily journaling that boosts your mental (and physical) well-being.(Pennebaker & Seagal, 1999).

It's easy to be empowered despite circumstance if you're rich. What if you're struggling to survive?

We believe the methodology for staying empowered despite circumstances can help people in poverty as well as wealthy people. When you're poor, you have to make many difficult decisions about how best to meet your basic needs, and v2 can help you make these decisions without relying on willpower alone to see them through. When you're wealthy, the fear of losing your highly praised circumstances can lead to chronic angst. So, regardless of your financial situation, building the muscles to remain empowered despite circumstance is a great way to ensure a sustainable state of well being.

What if the circumstances are really, really bad?

When you have experienced terrible circumstances, such as crime or trauma, no one can blame you for thinking those circumstances are bad. There is nothing wrong with you if you have a large emotional reaction to a big problem. Our methods aim to make you feel better despite how horrible your circumstance may be, so that you don't have to pay the emotional cost of being victimized. In other words, the v2 trainings help you build resilience to challenging situations.Through practice, you will gain the courage, confidence, and calmness to confront life's challenges head on with fewer knee-jerk reactions and subconscious impulses.

What if my mental illness contributes to v1 behavior?

Mental illness can make it very difficult to stay empowered. We suggest that you use our methods in conjunction with traditional treatments like therapy. We're not qualified mental health care professionals, though a lot of our methodology is rooted in psychology. If you're not sure about using v2, or if you feel like it's making your life more difficult, ask your therapist before you continue.

What's the catch?

We provide you with trainings, apps to keep you engaged, and a community to support you. However, as Jim Rohn says, "you can't hire someone to do your pushups for you." It's up to you to take action.

How much does it cost?

At this moment in time we are not charging for our content or services and don't expect to any time soon!

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